RM80 Hour
My nama is Mohd Farid Ikhwan. I am 25 years old and currently staying in klang selangor. I am a graduate from Universiti Malaysia Sabah on 2018 and my major is psychology. I am very good in delivering lecture, sharing, training and supervise others especially my students. I have a deep understanding related with psychology such as scientific study of human behavior and mental process. I can use my skill to let others also interested in psychology and more understand themselves from psychology perspectives. First of all, not so many student understand about psychology. Most of them have a misconception about what is psychology, what are psychologist doing, purpose of study psychology, do psychologist can read others mind. I am going to start with introduction of psychology which is pilot view for psychology field generally. Then, I will go deeper according to how fast my student can understand what i am teaching. I will give a proper example for every topic we are studying. During my study, always help my lecturer to tutoring my junior from second year until final years.

Subjects Qualification Grades
Psychology Bachelors Degree, Universiti Malaysia Sabah A+
English STPM , Sek Men Keb Sultan Yahya Petra 1 A+
Malay STPM , Sek Men Keb Sultan Yahya Petra 1 A+
History STPM , Sek Men Keb Sultan Yahya Petra 1 A+
Social Science STPM , Sek Men Keb Sultan Yahya Petra 1 A


Bangsar,Jalan Klang Lama(Old Klang Road)


Bandar Puteri Klang,Port Klang

Day Time Start Time End
Monday 11 AM 5 PM
Tuesday 11 AM 5 PM
Wednesday 11 AM 5 PM
Thursday 11 AM 5 PM
Friday 11 AM 5 PM
Saturday 11 AM 11 PM
Sunday 11 AM 11 PM

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