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I completed my PhD in 2019-2020 under the supervision of Prof. Mirza Asmer Beg at Aligarh Muslim University, on the topic “India’s Policy in Afghanistan Since 2001: A Study of Soft Power”. In this study, I have focused and highlighted India’s humanitarian programs and assistance in the reconstruction of war-torn Afghanistan. I have been awarded Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR) Doctoral Fellowship for 2018-19. Also, I have completed my Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) in Political Science (International Relations) under the supervision of Professor Upendra Choudhury from Aligarh Muslim University, India. The title of my M.Phil Dissertation was “Resurgence of Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan: Security Implications for India”, where I studied the impact of Taliban resurgence on Indian national security. I have completed my Masters (M.A.) in Political Science from the same department with Ist division. I am the recipient of Turkish Doctoral Fellowship where I completed the PhD Course Work of 21 Credits (7 Papers) and One Seminar from the Department of International Relations, Kırıkkale Üniversitesi, Kırıkkale, Turkey. The course work was mostly focused around theories of international relations, concept of security, national security, theories of war, peace and conflict studies, world order, and nationalism and ethnic conflicts. In the meantime, I also passed PhD Course Work of 3 Credits under the supervision Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Bağcı from the Department of International Relations, Middle East Technical University, Turkey. The focus of this course was on “Global Security: Problems and the Culture of National Security”. I have been regularly participating and presenting papers at various national and international seminars/conferences. I am regularly publishing my research work and have 8 citations to my credit.Besides, I have a professional degree of teaching (B.Ed.) which will give me an edge and help me in my teaching career. I have two years of teaching experience at high school level.Having a professional degree of B.Ed., I will use all possible and available teaching aids in my teaching. Instead of the traditional way of teaching (descriptive and note dictation), I will assign weekly assignments to the students like book readings etc. and involve students in group discussions. The proposed assignments will bear marks and would count in the final exam. These proposed assignments would be in addition to the already internal descriptive exams. To create an environment of innovative learning and focus on teaching and design new. In addition to my academic pursuit, I have involved in various extra-co-circular activities both at college as well as university levels. I would like to continue such activities. Besides, I would love to take part in academic as well as administrative responsibilities that would be given to me.Worked as High School Teacher (2 Years, 2 Months) in Hanfia Institute Dialgam, Anantnag, J&K, 13 May 2005 to 31 July 2007. Taught Social Science, Chemistry, Biology and English at High school level.
Subjects: Social Science

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Political Science/IR Masters Degree , Aligarh Muslim University A


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