RM70 Hour
I am a simple person with alot of understanding of Art and connection, Art has always been around us but we have least acknowledged most of the time ,I have been in art field since I was young, I always loved Art and the feel of it . It has helped me Physically and mentally throughout my life, and my aim is to spread the importance of Art to humans ,I'm alive here to serve and expand this interest to others to make them gain the mutual benefit of Art for life time . Besides Art , I love nature , animals , music and I love doing new age interior.My lesson is simple as creating self awareness through Art , knowing your style of art, and studying art in more meditative and psychological way . My aim is to make people understand the depths within Art and themselves, and later to apply the connection of both into A psychical form of Art, In this way of Art, definitely u will be deeply focused on whatever you do since this way of Art is directly connected and tuned to the mind.I have been teaching Art for almost 3 to 4 years now, I work in a centre as well ,and love to teach random people the beauty of Art , there is no age to learn art as it's a Unawakened skill in many, So far I have seen good progress in students mentally.

Subjects Qualification Grades
Fine Art Diploma, Inti International Subang A


Day Time Start Time End
Monday 10 AM 3 PM
Tuesday 10 AM 4 PM
Friday 10 AM 3 PM
Sunday 10 AM 4 PM

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