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Recently graduated with Bachelor's Degree of Petroleum Geoscience from Univeristi Teknologi Petronas and I am looking for ways on how to contribute back to the society and I believe by teaching is one of the noble ways to do so. In terms of my qualifications, I didn't have any teaching experiences since I've been studying hard for my degree and managed to graduate with Dean's List standing. Even though I don't have any teaching experiences but I am very passionate in teaching where I always teach my friends during my degree studies and my friends loved the way I explain things. I have the ability to put myself in someone shoes, and try to figure out what are the ways to make someone understand something easily. I even organised a few private classes during my degree studies to teach my classmates on a subject. From that day, I realized that I actually have the ability to teach and motivate people. My lesson will be very organized, well-planned and interesting 1) The fundametals/Understanding This is the most essential part when it comes to learning. The students will be informed on why that topic/subject is important to learn and how does it applied in the real world. Some students will lose interest in learning since they cannot see the significant of the topic and I know how to overcome this. 2) Keep the learning exciting The students should always have the feeling of excitement to learn something new and I know the methods on how to do that. I will conduct a few experiments at the beginning of the class to grab the students's attention and curiosity. By doing this, they will be more excited to know why and how does the experiment works. 3) Excellent Presentation Skill Enthusiastic is one my special traits given by my lecturer and my friends. My intonation and body language is excellent which could make the students not to lose interest or get bored in my class. I will create a very friendly environment so that the students will feel comfortable and this will make them not afraid to ask questions.
Subjects: Mathematics, Science

Subjects Qualification Grades
Petroleum Geoscience/Geophysics Bachelors Degree , Universiti Teknologi Petronas A
Mathematics SPM , SMK Seksyen 3 Bandar Kinrara A+
Science SPM , SMK Seksyen 3 Bandar Kinrara A+


Bukit Jalil,Desa Pandan,Kampung Pandan


Bandar Kinrara,Serdang,Seri Kembangan

Day Time Start Time End
Monday 2 PM 5 PM
Tuesday 2 PM 5 PM
Wednesday 2 PM 5 PM
Thursday 2 PM 5 PM
Friday 2 PM 5 PM

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