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I'm Snehil , Online and Private tutor since last 5 years, with expertise in Physics and Maths, able to train my students for general academic performance as well as excellence at competitive level too Basically I'm a High School Tutor with proven ability to improve student learning through tailored reading writing and study skills. Specialty areas include Math, Physics, Computer science and Logical Reasoning. My teaching skills include: Proficiency in creating and maintaining schedules, Positive learning environment, Computer proficient, Inquiry-based learning, Creative learning strategies, Effective time management, Student-centered learning, fluency in English and Hindi.I believe in Enquiry-based teaching and making strong the fundamentals of the student so that (s)he is able to solve any complexity of problems on his/her own. Also my strong points are my friendly dealings with students and expertise in problem solving. I take up the lessons at three levels: First I complete the entire syllabus with the student at basic level at which he/she can comfortably clear all school exams, in 2nd level I increase the difficulty level of problems that I solve with the students and finally the third level is a competitive level where student has to solve difficult problems in certain time limit.I weekly take assessment tests, and focus on helping the student solve problems or understand subject matter rather than 'teaching' (don't believe in spoon feeding).5 Years of experience teaching on private, institutional and online platforms.

Subjects Qualification Grades
Electronics and Telecommunications Bachelors Degree , Vishwakarma Institute of Technology A

Online Tuition Only

Day Time Start Time End
Monday 10 AM 5 PM
Tuesday 10 AM 5 PM
Wednesday 10 AM 5 PM
Thursday 10 AM 5 PM
Friday 10 AM 5 PM

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