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I'm a kindergarten teacher in one of the international kindy in Malaysia. I teach Preparatory level in which it's the level that prepares them for both National and International Primary school. I have Bachelor Degree in Early Childhood Education and major in Educational Technology from University of Malaya. That makes me a computer literate person. I have successfully carried 4 and half months of online teaching with smooth sailing. I have 4 years and half teaching experiences in private, government and local Preschool. It makes me can guess what the parent wants for their child. I can speak fluent Bahasa and English. Besides, I'm energetic, hardworking, eager to learn new skills, honest and innovative. I'm able to come out with teaching aids to make the learning more fun and interesting for student. I'm working in a Montessori based preschool in which most of the lesson are using the apparatus; I used to be against the Montessori method as a person who grew up with the old school style of learning. So, as I implement the Montessori method, it made me unconsciously observe the teaching technique that works the best for my student. What I discovered is there are pros and cons in using the apparatus; one of the pro is the apparatus are able to enhance or strengthen the student's understanding on the lesson and make the lesson more interesting especially for young student. Meanwhile, the con is the student will rely a lot on the apparatus. I’m not trying to say that this method is the best method in teaching. I believe that in teaching, there will always be try and error. Some teaching techniques might effectively work on some student and some might not. But, it does made me realized, some students especially this generation, they need something for them to visualize other than endless explaining from the teacher. So, my lesson is the combination of old school style of learning and using the teaching aids that I come out on my own. I think studying should be fun for student to grow interest in learning other than stressing them all the times.My journey as a teacher starts on 2011 where I worked in a local preschool for 8 months. I was designated as a homeroom teacher for 5 to 6 years old children. My first working experience is a bit intense as I need to designed and prepared worksheets and exercise books on my own which it made me learn a lot from it. End of August 2011, I resigned my job to further my Degree; to full fill the requirement for Degree, I did my 6 months training in a local preschool and also the government school on 2014 and 2015. Even it just for a short period of time, I managed to observe the differences in teaching style of both institution. I decided to start my career back in 2017 in one of international preschool brand under Busy Bees Asia. This is where I realized that I have talent in teaching little humans.

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Educational Technology Bachelors Degree , University of Malaya A


Bangsar,Bangsar South,Jalan Klang Lama(Old Klang Road),Kerinchi,KL City,KLCC,KL Sentral,Lembah Pantai,Mid Valley City


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Saturday 10 AM 5 PM
Sunday 10 AM 3 PM

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