RM110 Hour
I am an experienced Business Professional who would like to be considered for the vacant teaching position at your school. My educational and professional background has allowed me to develop the strategies and skill set needed to effectively fill this role. I possess a Degree of Business Administration from Open University Malaysia and have a strong understanding of practices and processes relating to all areas of business operations, from financial management to inventory control. My understanding of such tools as Business software and database management programs have proven useful to the business classes I have taught (part time basis). I have highlighted just a few career achievements which I believe reflect my dedication to the teaching profession and my ability to serve as an effective Business Teacher at your institution: • Developed business curriculum for 6-8 grade students at Local International Schools • Taught college-level business courses for advanced students at Open University In addition, I spent more than ten years in the business field, working in areas of operations, communications and strategic planning for Multi-National Companies. This experience built my organizational, analytical and time management skills which I have applied to each of my teaching positions to create effective learning environments. Integrated reading and writing to offer new perspective and respect for student's own life stories. Monitored, assessed, and remediated student performance Developed and implemented comprehensive lesson plans that accommodated specific level of learners while offering support to make certain each student was able to grasp materials Identified, selected, and modified resources to meet student's diverse needs and integrated worksheets to vary lessons and consolidate concepts. Identified the needs of learners and if necessary adapted course content and delivery style to meet their needs Assisted with homework and other class assignments Developed academic strategies to improve student self-sufficiency I spent one year at few tuition centres. I taught alongside older professionals. I must say I really enjoyed this experience and learned a lot from the other teachers. Every day was different, and I felt like understanding each student better and better as we progressed in the program. This experience helped me to understand that teaching was a right choice for my career, and now I am motivated to teach, and to put into practice everything I learned at these centres.

Subjects Qualification Grades
International Business Bachelors Degree, University Malaya A
English Bachelors Degree, University Malaya A
Commerce and Entrepreneurship Bachelors Degree, University Malaya A
Malay Bachelors Degree, University Malaya A


Bukit Tunku,Keramat,KLCC,Setiawangsa,Wangsa Maju


Ampang,Ulu Klang

Day Time Start Time End
Monday 8 PM 10 PM
Tuesday 8 PM 10 PM
Wednesday 8 PM 10 PM
Thursday 10 AM 8 PM
Friday 8 PM 10 PM
Saturday 10 AM 5 PM

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