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I'm a fresh graduate from the University of Malaya who will be graduating in October 2020, majoring in Bachelor of Science in Environmental Management. I also have a Diploma in Medical Science Technology in Environmental Health Sciences and received my Malaysian Certificate of Education (SPM) in Mara Junior Science College of Baling (MRSM Baling) in Pure Science. I will try to approach the students in the form of giving them brief information about the topic they will learn in the class for their pre-preparation, so that they will be more aware and prepared mentally about the topics highlighted. During the class session, I will engage more in theory lessons followed by interesting education videos related to the topics learned in the class in order to help them to be more understanding about the lessons in the form of visual and imaginative approach. In order to ensure either the students understand my lessons, I will prepare for them with lots of challenging quizzes, exercises, and tutorials and also suggesting them several useful references they can use just to make sure they able to master the subject very well. I only have teaching experience during my presentation sessions when I was a Degree and a Diploma student few years back before, which means we need to understand our peers about the topics that we have learned in the class in a fun and creative way.
Subjects: Biology, Malay, Science

Subjects Qualification Grades
Environmental Health Sciences Diploma , Universiti Kuala Lumpur Institute of Medical Science Technology (UNIKL MESTECH) A
Malay SPM , MARA Junior Science College of Baling, Kedah A


Alor Setar,Jitra,Kodiang

Day Time Start Time End
Monday 10 AM 5 PM
Tuesday 10 AM 5 PM
Wednesday 10 AM 5 PM
Thursday 10 AM 5 PM
Friday 10 AM 5 PM
Saturday 10 AM 5 PM
Sunday 10 AM 5 PM

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