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Hi , I am Nivetha Balakrishnan , based in Senai Johor. I am a Bachelors in Education TESL holder from Management and Science University with 3.51 CGPA. I have more than 2 years experience in teaching as i started to conduct my own tuition classes after completing SPM. I would like to highlight my strengths and weaknesses here . Coming to my strengths, I am very passionate about teaching and very committed towards my job. I have deepest passion in teaching and i always give the best when it comes to teaching my students. And I always be on time and complete my assigned tasks on time as I believe a good educator should set an great examples for the students to follow and I will expect the same from my students. While my weakness is, I will make sure my works are perfect and tend to spend a little too much of time checking it so that I can produce a perfect task. However, I have come to a good balance by setting up my own schedule and always view them as my everyday target. I believe that students will learn the best when they have a conducive environment . I can provide a best conducive environment by making sure my students are comfortable during my presence in class. I prefer my students to communicate freely without any hesitations when I am around. To make this happen , I will be friendly and supportive at all time as this will give them a sense of trust on me and eventually they will understand that they can rely on me anytime . Furthermore, I would like to be an educator that my students can look for me anytime an anywhere , thus I will be happy to be available for my students anytime so that they can clear their doubts on time. Planning lessons are crucial and I always spend extra hours to give the maximum knowledge for my students. This will be possible when I do my own homeworks prior to my lessons. I always bear my student's interest and their level of acquisition on my mind when I plan my lesson . This is because , students tend to learn in different ways and I always spend my few classes to observe them on this , so that I can alter my lessons accordingly. I will also take note on the students that require more attention from me and i will spend more time to guide those particular students. At the same time , I can give equal attention to all and eventually everyone will be on the same boat during the lessons. Rewards system and immediate feedback on the student's effort and participation will engage the students in lessons . This appreciation will boost their confidence level to actively participate in my lessons . During lessons , I will keep prompting answers regarding the lessons so that I can identify the students that pays little attention in class and guide them later personally. This will greatly help them and they can see that I care for their progress. Thus , In my lessons all the students are matter and their progress is my goal. I have 2 years of experience in teaching Primary to Secondary levels . My career began when I was at SMK Senai as a trainee teacher. I was assigned to teach Ehglish Language and Physical Education for Form 3 , Form 4 and Form 5 students . I have gained more detailed knowledge in teaching when I was a trainee teacher. Later on , I take up a challenge to be an English Language Teacher for Korean students at Starkindle Academy. It was great experience teaching them as I managed to learn their culture and backgrounds. Moreover ,I had fun conducting one to one lessons for intermediate students to boost their speaking skills . This made me to look for more speaking questions online and I always chose the best topics to get them engaged in lessons. I have seen my students improving gradually in their speaking and this gave a sense of satisfaction on my work. To have more exposure in teaching field , I continued to work at I can Read Centre to get familiarized with the Singapore Education Syllabus . This experience was really beneficial for me as I can use this for the Malaysians students as well . I was also in charge to conduct assessments to place the new students according to their acquisition level. Meanwhile , I am also a part -time tutor for Primary and Secondary level students in few tuition centers. I find happiness and satisfaction in teaching when I received tremendous support from the parents and the students . I received overwhelming good responses on my work and this made me to go further in pursuing my passion in teaching . In short, I am looking forward to be a part of TuitionKL family to continue giving my best for my students.

Subjects Qualification Grades
English Language Bachelors Degree , Management and Science University A+
Malay Bachelors Degree , Management and Science University A+
Maths SPM A


Mount Austin,Senai,Skudai

Day Time Start Time End
Monday 10 AM 5 PM
Tuesday 10 AM 5 PM
Wednesday 10 AM 5 PM
Thursday 10 AM 5 PM
Friday 10 AM 5 PM
Saturday 10 AM 5 PM
Sunday 10 AM 5 PM

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