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I’ve always been passionate about the wonders of science to others and enlightening others of the creativity of The Creator. With the knack of making science fun & complex contents easily understandable, I’m enthusiastic to channel this passion with the next generation to ensure the continuity of brilliant minds and creative thinkers in the future. In my lessons, I always try to ensure that teacher talk is reduced and students are engaged in lessons by speaking up whether its in group work or class discussions. For me personally, I prioritize the final stage of lesson, which is the review. Reviewing the overall lesson at the end of the class is crucial to check on the students' level of understanding and to summarise the main content of each lesson. I have done lesson closures using various methods, including peer-reviewing, traffic light, short quizzes, exit tickets and many more enjoyable solidifying activities. Every lesson ends, but effective lessons do more, they close; namely, they bring about a satisfying sense of learning by cycling back to the what, why, and how of the learning so that students can take away lasting understandings. Having said that, all the other stages of teaching in lessons are important and have their purpose, however, in my opinion, finding the time to conduct lesson closures is a priority for memorable and effective learning. I have a minimum experience in teaching but I have been teaching SPM students on Biology subject during my semester break.
Subjects: Biology, Physics

Subjects Qualification Grades
Science Diploma, Universiti Teknologi Mara A


Bandar Sunway,Bukit Jelutong,Bukit Puchong,Petaling Jaya,Puchong South,Putrajaya,Subang,Shah Alam,Subang Jaya,USJ,USJ Heights



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