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I am currently pursuing final year Masters in Ecology and Environmental Sciences at Pondicherry University and awaiting my final results which has delayed due to the pandemic. I have a bachelors in Botany. I am an aspiring fresher looking for a career where I can improve my skills and knowledge in the field of research and teaching. I studied in a CBSE school and lived a great part of my life in Ooty, a beautiful Hill Station in India. The diversity in this little town taught me to respect and be kind to everyone equally. My teachers inspired me to become a teacher and showed that even the slightest of efforts would make a difference. A very honest reason to apply for this teaching position despite being a fresher is my passion for teaching. I will be proud to be a teacher and will do my best if given the opportunity. I believe in Positive Reinforcement. Any action that gives us a positive result will inspire us to repeat it. So I think it would help my teaching and engage my students in a better way. I would plan short lessons so that it is specific and achievable. It would mostly involve interaction and an interesting yet simple assignment in the end. I have successfully handled competitions and co-curricular activities for school students during my graduation and Post-graduation period while serving as the Head of the Student Council of Providence College, Coonoor and a Wildlife week coordinator in the Department of Ecology in Pondicherry University.Volunteered in the Village adoption program of All India Catholic University Federation (AICUF) for the year 2017-18 and National Service Scheme (NSS). This program inspired me to teach young children who were not exposed to good education. I have loved working with young students and wish to inspire them to be good. I strongly believe that students should not only be taught to succeed but to accept failure with the same spirit because only a person who dares to fail miserably can achieve greatly as told by John. F. Kennedy. Being a fresher, I am always ready to learn and accept constructive criticisms. I am confident that I will do my best when it comes to teaching.

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Botany B.Sc., Bharathiar University A+

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Monday 6 AM 8 AM
Tuesday 6 AM 8 AM
Wednesday 6 AM 8 AM
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Friday 6 AM 8 AM
Saturday 6 AM 10 AM
Sunday 8 AM 5 PM

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