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I took IGCSEs in 2018 (subjects and grades are included in the CV) I completed the IBDP with 40 out of 45 points. I am a medical student and will be attending university soon overseas. I have learned a lot from my past experiences in tutoring.I am a reader and writer with an interest in the arts: my preference is oil painting. I am fluent in English and Hindi. I can also speak beginner german and french. I have had a passion for teaching as I was inspired by tutors I had myself as well as the fact that it makes me a better learner and improves upon my various skills: organization, leadership, communication just to name a few.I will ask about them first - their experiences, their scope of knowledge, interests etc. I will then gauge and analyze weaknesses and strengths and make lesson plans specific for them - meeting their aims and needs. The most important factor to consider will be to ensure that each lesson plan for the day not only meets the short term goals but also the main and primary long term goal. Learning and performance zones will be taken into account - which means tests and questions to see how well they are absorbing the information and the lesson content continuously. Finally preparing for summative and external assessments as necessary will be included.*Tutoring years 7-9 locally within my community.* Tutoring years 7-9 within my school community

Subjects Qualification Grades
Biology, Psychology, English, Chemistry International Baccalaureate , Nexus International School Malaysia A


Mont Kiara

Day Time Start Time End
Monday 10 AM 6 PM
Tuesday 10 AM 6 PM
Wednesday 10 AM 6 PM
Thursday 10 AM 6 PM
Friday 10 AM 6 PM
Saturday 10 AM 6 PM
Sunday 10 AM 6 PM

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