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I am Manzaldo, a graduate of Bachelor of Arts Major in Political Science at the University of the East, Manila, Philippines. I am currently taking the Certificate Of Teaching Profession as a requirement to take the Licensure Exam for Teachers here in the Philippines. I work as a Technical Staff - Minutes Officer to one of the Government Owned Corporations here in the Philippines. I have experienced working as freelance Academic Writer. My task is to assist our foreign student clients with their school works and requirements.If I were to become a Tutor for Political Science subject, I will make sure that my students will have a full understanding of its subject matter. By doing so I will provide various reading materials, conduct activities, focus on student's weak areas, and fully stretched the strength of the students.As an aspiring Teacher, I am currently working my way to be officially called as one. As of the moment, I am taking units of teaching as a preparation to Licensure Examination for Teachers. Even though that I am yet to get my teaching experience, you are rest assured that I am equipped with subject matter's mastery and handling my students well. I have passion for it and I always believe that it is my calling to teach.
Subjects: Social Sciences

Subjects Qualification Grades
Political Science Bachelors Degree , University of the East, Manila A



Day Time Start Time End
Monday 7 AM 5 PM
Tuesday 7 AM 5 PM
Wednesday 7 AM 5 PM
Thursday 7 AM 5 PM
Friday 7 AM 5 PM
Saturday 7 PM 11 PM
Sunday 10 AM 5 PM

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