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I have enjoyed the years I have worked in China as a teacher. I felt compelled to challenge myself personally and explore teaching opportunities. I have a BA in General Education from University of Phoenix. I also have a TESOL for teaching English at American TESOL Institute. While teaching I try to incorporate things that my students are interested in. It is a great way for the students to stay interested in class and learn about everyday life as well as the things that they will learn in the classroom. It makes learning and education fun for my students. For my past work experience I have worked in China teaching English at Kid Castle Wenzhou China for two years as a teacher. After that I worked at DD Dragon (Little Fellows English School) in Wenzhou China as head teacher and Human Resources, I worked there for a year and half. I have also worked at Kid Castle in Hangzhou China in Human Resources for a year and I have also worked for Wisdom English Hangzhou. Most recently I have been working for Wanxaing Polytechinic University in Hanzhou as a business English and general English teacher. I worked as a Teachers’ Aide for disabled children at Horicon Middle and High School for one year. I am committed to working that are invested in the students’ education and personal growth

Subjects Qualification Grades
General Education Bachelors , University of Phoenix A+
TESOL American TESOL Institute A+

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