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I am 34 years old. I have completed bachelor's and master's in biology from North Sumatra University. Responsibility and integrity is an obligation for me in carrying out my duties. Teaching is a pleasant job for me.I have more than 10 years of teaching experience, both teaching in schools and universities. I can speak and write in english. I can work alone or in a team well. Teaching with the online system is familiar to me when teaching at university. I also often do comparative studies abroad and visit several universities in Malaysia. for me, the education system in Malaysia is very interesting for me because it is supported by professional teachers and adequate facilities. Biology is a science that is very easy to understand because it can be applied directly in everyday life. In the learning process, I often use illustration pictures and videos to simplify students' understanding. my experience teaching in schools and universities, practicum is mandatory and I really prioritize to achieve the desired target. The teaching process that I often do is to provide an explanation of the basics of biology, followed by an explanation of the theory and practicum and its application in everyday life. In this way I am confident and have proven to be effective in conveying the material as a whole. If there are still materials in the process that are not yet understood by students, I put more emphasis back on the basic concepts then focus on repeating those parts that are not yet understood.After all the material has been delivered and students have understood what was explained, the next step is to provide some test questions related to the material that has been submitted. This process is an evaluation of the next learning phase. Since 2008, I have taught as an assistant Professor of Biology at the University of North Sumatra. The material I teach is among general Biology, Microbiology, Anatomy and Animal Physiology. In 2010, I taught at a high school boarding school. In the process as a teacher, I also often invite my students to do field studies, both to some nature reserves and to several industries. In 2011 when I continued my master biology education, I was reappointed as an Assistant Professor focusing on the field of microbiology. In 2014 I was also entrusted as a Biology Olympiad trainer for high school who would compete at the national level. In 2015 I was appointed as the head of a private school in Medan, North Sumatra. the experience of being a school principal by coordinating the whole learning process and compiling a learning curriculum is very valuable to me. In the same year I also served as a lecturer at several universities.

Subjects Qualification Grades
Biology Masters Degree , University of Sumatera Utara A+


Bandar Tasik Selatan,Bandar Tun Razak,Bangsar,Bangsar South,Batu,Brickfields,Bukit Bintang,Bukit Jalil,Bukit keramat,Bukit Ledang,Bukit Prima Pelangi


Alma,Ayer Itam,Bagan Jermal,Balik Pulau,Bandar Perda,Barat Daya,Batu Ferringhi,Batu Kawan,Batu Maung,Batu Uban,Bayan Lepas,Berapit,Bukit Mertajam,Bukit Jambul,Bukit Minyak,Bukit Tambun,Bukit Tengah


Ayer Baloi,Ayer Hitam,Bakri,Batu Anam,Batu Pahat,Bekok,Benut,Bukit Gambir,Bukit Indah,Bukit Pasir,Bukit Pasir,Chaah,Desa Tebrau,Endau,Gelang Patah,Gerisek,Gugusan Taib Andak

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