RM60 Hour
Hi there ! My name is Julia and I'm an EFL teacher. I've been teaching for 1.5 years after having acquired my TEFL certificate. I have experience teaching kids, teens and adults of all levels ansd nationalities. I love teaching as I get to teach people from all over the world and learn about different cultures and mindsets. Apart from teaching, in my free time I enjoy Dance and theatre , travel and music. I also speak French, Italian and Maltese which is my native tongue apart from English. I love learning languages and so would love to pass my knowledge and passion onto others. I currently live in Malta which is a little island in the middle of the mediterranean between Italy and Tunisia. In Malta, there are a lot of british expats as the Bitish colonised us for 150 years and so English is one of our main languages. In my lessons it is very important that my students are interested in what they are lessons. I mostly focus on a lot of speaking tasks, vocabulary meaning tasks, brainstorming and also use reading tasks or videos/songs for listening skills. I finished 6th form in 2018. I took english and french as A levels as well as home economics, systems of knowledge and religion as intermediates. After that I took the TEFL course and started to teach English. I am due to take my CELTA in August as I really enjoy this job and want to learn more :)

Subjects Qualification Grades
English A-Level , Junior College, Malta A+
TEFL Easy School of languages, Malta A+


Day Time Start Time End
Monday 1 PM 10 PM
Tuesday 1 PM 10 PM
Wednesday 2 PM 10 PM
Thursday 1 PM 10 PM
Friday  2 PM 10 PM
Saturday 8 AM 10 PM
Sunday 8 AM 10 PM

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