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I am Jovel from Philippines. I have a degree on Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Speech and Theater Arts. I am a highly motivated and committed licensed teacher with 3 years of experience in the academe. I am very much enthused in working smart and working hard at the same time. I have an excellent interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. I am known for having strong work ethics and ability to process many ongoing tasks while maintaining a calm façade; thus, the ability to prioritize well under pressure.Creating learning materials is my genre since my thesis way back in college is to produce modules for oral communication subject. In addition to that, in my recent job, we are trained to create learning plan, curriculum guide, syllabus, powerpoint presentation, worksheet, rubric and etc., I have a great attention to details that is why planning plays a vital role in my life as a teacher. I always want to engage my students in an interactive discussion wherein they will enhance their English communication skills while improving their social ability and knowing more about their strengths.I have experience in handling learners from 5-20 years old. I was a volunteer teacher in a primary school way back in 2015, wherein we teach students basic lessons which are beneficial to their growth. In 2017, I was a practice teacher in a public school and was able to teach English to Grade 9 students. I taught them grammar, literature, articles and etc., and most importantly, I have a 3-year professional teaching experience from 2017-2020 as a Senior high school teacher in a private school. I handled Grade 11 and Grade 12 students covering subjects such as Contemporary Arts, 21st Literature, Media Literacy and Personal Development. I also got the chance to be the theater club animator who conducts speech and script writing competition.

Subjects Qualification Grades
Speech and Theater Arts Bachelors Degree , Philippine Normal University-Manila A

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Monday 12 PM 6 PM
Tuesday 6 AM 7 PM
Wednesday 12 PM 6 PM
Thursday 6 AM 7 PM
Friday 6 AM 7 PM
Saturday 6 AM 7 PM
Sunday 6 AM 12 PM

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