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After finishing my degree I returned to Malaysia and started teaching. Started out teaching A level Biology and Chemistry at Prime College. Next I thought at Sri Inai and later at Sri Utama. In 2008 I decided to teach freelance, both privately and at IGCSE centers. I made education videos for ITTV which is a home tutorial platform. The lessons were 2--30minutes long and some of which can be seen on YouTube. Currently mainly teaching SPM and IGCSE students online due to MCO. Hopefully will return to teaching Face to Face. Preparing for the 2020 exams which is going to be different and challenging for the students. I am quite sure that non of my students have failed their exams albeit some were never that successful at science due to other interests. my lessons are simple i) the basic concept with diagrams and simple examples including questions and applications ii) the students teaches another student with me overseeing. gaps are identified iii) tackling open response questions iv) creating questions on the concept i"ll keep it simple - I have been in the education field since 1990.

Subjects Qualification Grades
Biochemistry Bachelors Degree , UEA A+




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Monday 10 AM 1 PM
Tuesday 10 AM 1 PM
Wednesday 10 AM 1 PM
Thursday 10 AM 1 PM
Friday 10 AM 1 PM
Saturday 10 AM 10 PM
Sunday 10 AM 10 PM

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