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I am a professional and confident teacher who enjoys helping and support students to have a good education and maximize their potential for their future. I am kind and caring, I have a strict nature but enjoy working hands on as a teacher following the curriculum and ensuring that my children do well through their education whilst enjoying it at the same time. I am creative, self motivated and dedicated to my profession. I like to motivate and work with children who education does not come naturally to. I like to come up with new ideas and ways of working to make education fun. I have excellent communication skills and great time management. I was an international athlete and teaching swimming in schools for years. In this century, most of kids does not know how to swim and reading in news about drowning is hardly accepted. Most of kids can't enjoy the beauty underwater because of fear in water. I feel like I want to remove the fear and teach swimming as one of essential survival skills. My sports ability has developed my discipline, interpersonal skills, leaderships and positive attitudes towards what it takes to achieve success and polishing one’s talent. Sport have been my cup of tea as well ! Throughout my study in university and work experiences as a biologist, I have acquired very good scientific research and leadership skills as well as the knowledge to use various methods to study mostly plant and animal life to help improving farm production and to look for ways to improve the quality of life for all humans. My experience includes managing projects/test by planning the details, methods and timelines, keeping in-depth documents of the projects and by ensuring that all projects meet the requirements. Therefore, I would love to teach science subject. I also have keen interest in History and it is important for next generation know about history through time and instilling sense of self- worth is key to success as well. I believe in offering an interactive learning experience and engaging students in productive ways to make subjects more interesting and discovering their talents. In my previous job, I provided effective classroom management, creative lesson plans and detailed student evaluations. I enjoy good and productive relationships with pupils of all ages and have a supportive manner. Weekly, daily lesson plan will be prepared according to student's need. Reviewing the method and materials before starting the class. Wrap up the lesson at the end of the class. Finally, homework, assignment or quiz given in order to enhance the student's knowledge on the topic. Ensure achieving the objectives daily/weekly. Monitor student progress and support more on the weak topics. Allowing Q and A and discussion/suggestion session to encourage communication and understanding of the topic. I am passionate about making education enjoyable and fun and I feel that this passion shows in the way I teach. I have taught pre-school and primary with various subject and have to engage different needs of each student. Develop, prepare lesson plan for yearly, weekly and daily without guide books. It was very difficult but I did manage to prepare the paperwork at any cost. I also teach physical education to secondary students. Most of my experiences was teaching sport and swimming to kids from age 2 years old to 17 years old.

Subjects Qualification Grades
Agronomy Bachelors Degree , Universiti Malaysia Terengganu A




Balakong,Bandar Sungai Long,Bangi,Kajang,Putrajaya,Putra Heights,Semenyih,Serdang,Seri Kembangan



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Monday 10  AM 5 PM
Tuesday 10  AM 5 PM
Wednesday 10  AM 5 PM
Thursday 10  AM 5 PM
Friday 10  AM 5 PM
Saturday 8  AM 10 AM

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