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My name is Anubha,this is my 7th year teaching high school English. I grew up in Calcutta, India and graduated with a Bachelor of English Honours degree from University of Calcutta in 2012 and an International Diploma in TESOL, Teaching and Learning English from Asian College of Teachers. I began my teaching career in the year of 2013 at St.Peter's International School. I taught three years there as Head of the Department, English before moving to Malaysia. In Malaysia I have been teaching Cambridge curriculum for CP YEAR 9 to IGCSE O-LEVEL English 11.As a professional, I would define myself as affable and multi-talented. I enjoy reading for pleasure, cooking, watching movies, and spending time learning new languages. As my educational ideology and philosophy evolved, I learnt more about what type of teacher I want to become. I definitely want to be that inspiring teacher who succeeds to make the students believe in themselves. I want to create an inclusive space in my classroom which allows my students to listen, talk, collaborate, create knowledge and learn from each other. Alongside basic grasp of the subject content and knowledge, application to the real life is also of immense importance. I want my students to explore and research often so they can come up with their own perspectives. Technology has become instrumental in carrying out a lesson effectively. In many ways it has helped me to achieve my teaching goals and I want to be emphatic on the usage of educational technologies in my future classroom as well. As an effective educator, I believe I am quite creative and I encourage my students to bring in new and exciting ideas on to the table. The main idea is to captivate, involve and reach all students.I want to educate my students to demonstrate positive values and behaviour. From psychological context, behaviour management plays a major role in a student’s life. I want to be the kind of teacher that doesn’t give up; that knows when to hold them, when to fold them. I want to be the kind of teacher who keeps the students in mind at every moment and with every decision made; the one that problem-solves rather than rants.A teacher, a guide has to be always kind and fair, warm and approachable. As a teacher I would define myself as an affable, enthusiastic, flexible person. To me, sense of humour is as much pivotal as, knowledge of curriculum standards. Communicating with kids is really important. That is the only way to build a good rapport with them, show them that I’m interested and I care. At the same time I want to be committed to ensuring that children achieve their full potential wilfully.

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English Bachelors Degree , University of Calcutta A

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