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Hi, I'm Annadurai and people like to address me A.Raj. I'm currently persuading my bachelor's degree in Teaching English as a Second Language at Selangor University. My passion is all about teaching and guiding students. I love reading books, novels, drawings, playing badminton as well as involving in social works such as Malaysian Association fo social work (MASW). I completed my diploma in TESL at Newtown college, Kuala Lumpur with overall CGPA 3.73 and had a great experience in micro-teaching. I done my practicum in SK Puncak Alam for 4 months duration of time and had a good deal of experience in teaching, conducting programs and school-based projects. I'm an introvert and being independent is one of the major aims in my life. I love to expose to new things such as reading up to date materials, findings for researches and articles and I used to work as a team leader in Asia Pacific Worldwide Group Company in Midvalley for about 1 year and also a survey officer in IPSOS International company after completing my studies. Knowledge is very important for future and basically I give more priority in studies compared to other stuff. I would like to bring out a lesson in a creative and innovative way. For example, I love to expose to the technology era like using PPT work, quizzes, board games, and playing some videos that are related to the lesson. I also implement 4C skills in my teaching and learning period that are: Communication skills, Collaboration, Creative, and Critical thinking skills. Two- way communication is very important in class to engage with the students and identify their learning methods and well as their proficiency level during the lesson. Moreover, classroom management playing an important role in engage students such as seating arrangements, furniture, classroom rules and regulation, and teaching materials. I mainly focus on the problem-solving and practice stage in the learning period. I successfully completed my micro-teaching at SJKT Kampung Pandan and my practicum at SK Puncak Alam for 4 months period of time. I also had experience in teaching in private tuition centers as well as home tuition for standards and lower level fo secondary students. My major language is English and the minor is Bahasa Malaysia.
Subjects: English, Malay

Subjects Qualification Grades
English Bachelors Degree , University Selangor A+
Malay Bachelors Degree , University Selangor A+


Batang Berjuntai,Saujana

Day Time Start Time End
Monday 3 PM 8 PM
Tuesday 10 AM 5 PM
Wednesday 10 AM 3 PM
Thursday 10 AM 8 PM
Friday 10 AM 3 PM
Saturday 10 AM 5 PM
Sunday 10 AM 5 PM

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