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My name is Amrit. I was born and raised in Kuching, Sarawak. After I completed my STPM in 2014, I joined the Sultan Idris Education Univeristy to be a trained teacher and four years later I graduated with a second upper class degree majoring in English. When I was in university, I joined quite a number of English camp organised by the faculty and also a few private organisation. This camp is like an enhancement programme for both the primary and secondary school students where it usually takes about 3 days to one week long. Before planning for a lesson, I will first study the proficiency level of my students. Usually this is done by doing a little exercise which covers all the 4 skills which are speaking. listening, reading and writing skills. Once I have studied the proficiency level of my student, I will try to come up with such a lesson where the students could catch up and master the skills along side with the syllabus that needs to be covered by the students. Besides matching the right activities according to the proficiency level of the students, I also engage the students by creating various types of activities related to the topic. Apart from that, along side with the education plan, the lessons now should be compatible with the 21st first century therefore, I also use a lot of application such as Kahoot, Quizziz, Socrative and so on to engage the students into the lesson. I personally believe that when our lessons are interesting and students are able to focus and learn from it, students will definitely look forward for the next lesson as they are eager to learn and acquire more. I had a few teaching experiences while I was pursuing my degree. I did my practical in a local secondary school in Ipoh, Perak for 4 months. Here, I was given the chance to teach the form 1 and 2 classes. It was quite challenging however, I managed to help a few students to improve in just a short period of time.

Subjects Qualification Grades
English Bachelors Degree , Sultan Idris Education University (UPS) A


Setapak,Setiawangsa,Titiwangsa,Wangsa Maju

Day Time Start Time End
Monday 8 PM 10 PM
Tuesday 8 PM 10 PM
Wednesday 8 PM 10 PM
Thursday 8 PM 10 PM
Friday 8 PM 10 PM
Saturday 10 AM 5 PM
Sunday 10 AM 5 PM

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