RM100 Hour
An architect who fall in love in teaching, I feel that my passion in art, craft and design in general can help the school achieve its mission through visuals and excellent teaching.    I’ve worked as a Lecturer right after I earned my license and considerable industry experience in art, design and engineering under a Japanese firm. I instantly like training students when I had my first chance way back in 1997. I have been around in the academe for more than 15 years now inspiring young minds of different ages and race through graphics and visuals. Currently, I am teaching Art in one international school here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I am also very active in the school's cocurricular activities, decoration and marketing.  

Subjects Qualification Grades
Architecture BS  , Far Eastern University – Manila A+
Arts BS  , Far Eastern University – Manila A+


Day Time Start Time End
Monday Flexible Flexible
Tuesday Flexible Flexible
Wednesday Flexible Flexible
Thursday Flexible Flexible
Friday Flexible Flexible
Saturday Flexible Flexible
Sunday Flexible Flexible

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