All education professionals’ focus on the family as a vital agent in their children’s teaching and learning process. A good family-student-school relationship will make our children great talents because they feel supported in their upbringing.

For children, education begins at home and continues to progress in school, but without the right relationship between the professional and the family, this educational process will be affected because the child will not be able to distinguish very well where the boundaries are.

Quality education is an education in which we are all united for the common good of our children, so that one day they can become what they really want to be, since we find ourselves in an increasingly changing and demanding society. Let’s help them be well trained for what they have to live.

Tips for working from home:
  • Establish fixed study schedules.
  • Look for professionals if you see that your child needs them.
  • Establish an ongoing dialogue with the school.
  • Establish the same place at home, where the child is used to doing his homework.
  • Establish good communication with him/her, ask him/her how the day went, his future exams, how he/she managed with his classmates….
  • If you observe strange or unusual behavior, ask your tutor if he or she has also observed it in class.
  • Give him time to rest and play after school.
  • Spend time with them;
  • Help them do their homework, work, study……
  • Education is a complex process in which we all participate.

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